FAQ: How Do I Pay A Toll In Brisbane?

Where can I pay my Linkt toll?

You can pay a toll notice and top up your account at participating United Petroleum or newsagent outlets. Payments can be made using a credit card, debit card or cash. A minimum payment of $20 applies for manual account top ups.

How do I pay a toll in Australia?

In Australia, all toll roads are electronically tolled. There are no cash toll booths. If you use a toll road, you are responsible for paying the toll road fee. You can easily do so by registering for a pass within 3 days of travelling on the toll road.

How do I pay Linkt?

You can top up your account, buy a pass or pay a toll invoice in person at participating United Petroleum or newsagent outlets. Payments can be made using cash, credit card or debit card. Toll invoices or notices must be paid in full. Make sure you take your statement, toll invoice or notice with you when you pay.

Can you use a credit card to pay PA turnpike tolls?

You may use a major credit card ( Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express ) at a toll booth where there is a toll collector. Unattended (coin drop) toll locations, and cashless tolling locations do not accept credit card payment.

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How do I pay a toll without a tag Qld?

Toll payment providers offer a range of account products which may be used on any toll road in Australia. In Queensland, the toll payment provider is Linkt. To pay your toll please contact Linkt on 13 33 31 or at www.linkt.com.au/brisbane.

How do I avoid toll roads in Brisbane?

open google maps. Enter the destination. GO to options, click on avoid tolls. drive.

How can I calculate tolls on a trip?

To calculate the toll for a trip, select an entry point and an exit point on the network.

  1. Touch a marker icon on the map to see its name and any access restrictions.
  2. To view a close-up map, touch the “Show” button.
  3. Set the point as entry or touch a different marker on the map.

Can I use my NSW E toll in Qld?

All tags issued in Australia work on all toll roads throughout the country. So for example you can use a tag issued in NSW when driving on toll roads in Queensland or Victoria.

What happens if you don’t pay tolls?

If you do not pay the unpaid toll notice, then you may receive a Demand Notice from the toll road’s payment provider. This will add more penalties to the debt, increasing the amount owing. If you fail to comply with a Demand Notice, you have committed an offence. State agencies may get involved if the matter escalates.

Does Australia have toll roads?

Currently there are 16 toll roads operating in Australia (Table 1) with a total length of 241 km. Most of these toll roads involve some form of Public Private Partnership (PPP). Of the 16, eight are in NSW, two in Victoria and six in Queensland.

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Can I use my Linkt tag in another car?

You can reduce your fees by making sure every vehicle has a correctly installed tag. A tag can be moved between vehicles of any vehicle class. You can also order extra tags so that each of your vehicles has one.

Is Linkt and e toll the same?

The technology has different names depending on the issuer – such as Eastlink (Eastlink Melbourne), Linkt (Queensland), E-toll (Roads & Traffic Authority NSW) and E-way (Sydney motorways M5 and M1), however these are all interchangeable across Australia and no surcharges apply for use on other operators’ toll roads.

Does Linkt cover EastLink?

Can I use my Linkt account (CityLink account) to pay for EastLink tolls? Yes, provided your Linkt account is valid and not suspended, and your vehicle details have been linked to the account. When you drive on EastLink with a Linkt tag and/or Linkt account, the tolls you incur will be charged to your Linkt account.

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