FAQ: How To Top Up Go Card Brisbane?

Can I top up my go card at 7 Eleven?

Most 7-Eleven stores will stop providing go card services as of Saturday 31 October. Passengers will not be able to buy or recharge their go card or update its expiry date at those stores.

What is my go card number?

Your go card number is the last 16 digits located on the back of your card.

How do I remove auto top up on Go Card?

The credit card holder(s) can request TransLink to terminate auto top-up at any time by notifying TransLink in writing, by calling 13 12 30 or visiting the TransLink website. Where TransLink receives notification to terminate auto top-up, termination will occur within 3 business days of receipt of that notification.

Can I use my go card for two people?

Nope, doesn’t work. You each have to swipe on and swipe off – the swipe off at the end is how they charge you – it calculates how many zones you travel – and when you forget to swipe off at the end, it charges you about $10, so don’t forget to swipe off each time. cheers. 3.

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Can I travel without a go card?

If you don’t have an Opal card or contactless payment card or device, you will need to buy an Opal single trip ticket to travel.

Where can I buy a 7 Eleven Touch n go card?

TnG cards can be purchased at Touch ‘n Go Hubs, Touch ‘n Go SPOTs at selected petrol stations, Watson’s Personal Care Store, and at Touch ‘n Go Sales Counters located at highways.

How do I check my go card expiry date?

To check your go card’s expiry date visit translink.com.au (registered cards only), call 13 12 30 or visit a selected go card retailer. To change your expiry date visit selected go card retailers. Child and concession go card holders will need to show their concession entitlement card.

How do I apply for a concession go card online?

How do I apply for concession fares in SEQ? You can apply for concession fares online or over the phone by calling 13 12 30 anytime. If you have registered your go card, simply login to your online account and click the ‘My Details’ tab and enter your concession details to apply.

How can I transfer balance from expired Touch n go card?

Follow the Steps to get your money from your DORMANT or INACTIVE Touch ‘n Go card to your Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

  1. Step 1: Go to https://www.touchngo.com.my/erefund.
  2. Step 2: Key in your Card Serial Number (MFG No) and your IC No.
  3. Step 3: Select E-Wallet as Refund Payment Method.
  4. Step 4: Done and you will receive an email.

Does go card expire?

Your go card travel credit does not expire. If you don’t use your go card for 5 years, your card becomes dormant and you cannot use it to travel. However, you can apply for a refund of any unused credit on your card, along with the refundable deposit.

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Can I top up Touch and go card online?

No. The Touch ‘n Go card is a Smartcard with a MIFARE chip, transactions can only take place upon contact with a card reader. Hence, reloading your TNG card via the eWallet is NOT possible. 6

What is auto Topup?

Auto (or automatic) Top-up means that you can set your top-up preferences once and the top-up will recur automatically according to your selected criteria. You can either set the rule for whenever your balances reaches a certain number or on a certain day of the month.

Can you use go card on trains?

Go card is TransLink’s South East Queensland electronic ticket. It allows you to travel seamlessly on all TransLink bus, train, ferry and tram services in the Go card region. Residents and visitors to South East Queensland can use go card to easily explore the region.

Do child go cards expire?

The Transport Concession Entitlement Card is issued free of charge. If you’re continuing to year 12, the card will be valid until 31 March the following year unless you enter full-time employment.

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