FAQ: What Time Is Riverfire Brisbane?

What time are the fireworks in Brisbane?

What time are the Riverfire fireworks and where are the best places to watch? Fireworks will erupt from Brisbane’s bridges, from barges on the river, and from rooftops in a spectacular coordinated display. The full fireworks display will begin at 6:45pm on Saturday and run for 20 minutes.

Where can I watch Riverfire 2021?

One of the best places to watch Sunsuper Riverfire in 2021 is at home on Channel 9, tuned into the soundtrack on Triple M. This year, outdoor crowds will be limited to ensure physical distancing. There will be controlled sites at: South Bank Parklands – AT CAPACITY.

Where can I watch Riverfire?

How to watch Riverfire. The Brisbane Riverfire is available to watch on Channel 9, with coverage also available by radio if you can’t make it to the TV in time.

Where can I watch fireworks in Brisbane?

Best Fireworks Vantage Points in Brisbane for Families

  • Kangaroo Point Cliffs.
  • Victoria Bridge.
  • Captain Burke Park.
  • Wilson’s Lookout, New Farm.
  • City Riverwalk (including Riverside Centre and Eagle Street Pier)
  • Dock Street, South Brisbane.
  • Rail Overpass, The Barracks, Petrie Terrace.

Is riverfire on in 2020?

“While the Brisbane Festival team is committed to delivering an exciting program for Brisbane this September, certain elements of the 2020 program, including Sunsuper Riverfire, are unable to go ahead because it encourages crowd gathering.”

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Are fireworks illegal in Qld?

Fireworks can only be bought, stored, transported and used by trained and licensed professionals. It has been illegal since 1972 for the general public in Queensland to possess or use fireworks. Illegal fireworks have caused serious injuries to children, adults, animals and property.

Is public transport free on New Years Eve in Brisbane?

Is public transport free on New Year’s Eve in Brisbane? To reduce conjestion on the roads, trains, ferries and buses are free to use on New Year’s eve from around 8.45pm on New Year’s Eve to 5.30am on New Year’s Day.

What time are the fireworks at Mooloolaba?

Each year, over 40,000 locals and visitors come and enjoy the celebrations at The Esplanade Mooloolaba with multiple fireworks displays during the evening at 8:30pm and again at midnight.

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