FAQ: Where Does The Tilt Train Leave From In Brisbane?

What platform does the Tilt Train leave from in Brisbane?

Platform 10 is the traveltrain platform. All long distance trains departs from this platform.

Where does Tilt Train leave from?

Wave the everyday world goodbye and settle into your comfortable seat aboard the innovative Tilt Train as you’re transported through some of the most beautiful scenery in Southern Queensland. Timetable Departs Bundaberg: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri & Sat at 5.15am.

Does the Tilt Train go from Brisbane to Cairns?

Traveling between Brisbane and Cairns twice a week and Brisbane and Rockhampton six times a week in each direction, the Tilt Train is a comfortable and convenient way to access the many tourist destinations of Queensland.

Can you catch a train from Brisbane to Sunshine Coast?

The best way to get from Brisbane to Sunshine Coast is to train which takes 2h 5m and costs $55 – $80. Alternatively, you can bus and line 600 bus and line 620 bus, which costs $24 – $45 and takes 2h 25m.

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Is the tilt train the same as the spirit of Queensland?

The Spirit of Queensland is a Queensland Rail long distance passenger rail service. It is operated by a diesel powered Tilt Train that runs five times a week on the North Coast line between Brisbane and Cairns, a distance of 1,681 kilometres.

Does the Tilt Train have sleepers?

Business Seats (Tilt Train only) | RailBeds (Spirit of Queensland only) | Twin and Single Sleepers (Spirit of the Outback only). Travel passes are instant purchase. Bookings made after a pass has been purchased may be placed on hold.

Does the Tilt Train have WIFI?

Q. How do I connect to Wi-Fi? Queensland Rail provides free Wi-Fi to all Tilt Train customers. You can catch-up with the latest news, browse your favourite websites, check your email or get in touch with your friends and family.

Is there food on the Tilt Train?

Enjoy one of our delicious meal packages on board the Tilt Train. All meal packages are served with tea or coffee. Our onboard staff will advise you of meal choices and take your order at selected times throughout your journey. A selection of main meals served with a bread roll, juice and your choice of dessert.

How much does the train cost from Brisbane to Cairns?

The best way to get from Brisbane to Cairns without a car is to train which takes 24h 45m and costs $170 – $370.

How long does the tilt train take from Brisbane to Cairns?

The Spirit of Queensland is the only train service running from Brisbane to Cairns and the duration is 24 hours (over 1,681kms and a number of stopsbut it’s a pretty fast train!)

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Can you catch a train from Brisbane to Cairns?

You can catch the Brisbane to Cairns train five times a week and have the option of booking RailBed or Premium Economy seats.

Does the tilt train stop at Landsborough?

Services. Landsborough is serviced by City network services to Brisbane, Nambour and Gympie North. Landsborough is also served by long-distance Traveltrain Electric Tilt Train services to Bundaberg and Rockhamption.

Can I catch a train from Brisbane to Melbourne?

No, there is no direct train from Brisbane to Melbourne. However, there are services departing from Brisbane and arriving at Southern Cross via Central Station.

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