FAQ: Where Is Cannon Hill Brisbane?

Is Cannon Hill a good suburb?

Cannon Hill is one of the best suburbs in Brisbane due to its primary foundation homes on large plot sizes, with few apartment blocks and townhouses. Considering its major assets such as convenient proximity to the Gateway Motorway and Brisbane Airport, great schools such as Cannon Hill Anglican College and St.

Why is it called Cannon Hill?

Cannon Hill was named after the Weedon family home, Cannon Hill House, which was built in 1867. It burned down in 1927, reportedly due to a spark from a passing steam train. The Natural Resources Department says the name was derived from two fallen trees which resembled cannon.

How old is Cannon Hill?

It was built in the 1960s. Glacial erratic boulders deposited in the land which forms the park some 350,000 years ago by the Anglican Glacial period.

What is Cannon Hill postcode Qld?

The area has a population of 15,740 people and the majority of residents are young families or professionals. Over 85% of the population own their home with only 15% of Carindale residents currently renting. Overall, Carindale is known as a very safe and family-friendly suburb.

Where did John Lennon live on Long Island?

“This is Long Island Sound in Cold Spring Harbor, wishing you a bonne nuit,” says John Lennon in a bootleg copy of a home video now on YouTube, wishing good night to one and all from his getaway estate, Cannon Hill.

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Is parking free at Cannon Hill Park?

If you display your Blue Badge, parking is free with no time limits.

Are the toilets open in Cannon Hill Park?

Toilets. There is currently a block of temporary toilets at the park for public use. This is located outside the Golden Lion Inn at the park. Unfortunately the block with the baby change and disabled facilities is currently unavailable.

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