FAQ: Where To Buy Orchids In Brisbane?

Which orchids grow best in Brisbane?

Todd has been growing orchids in his family-run Brisbane nursery for decades. He says his most bullet-proof orchids are Cattleyas, Dendrobiums and Oncidiums. “The perfect drought plant is an orchid,” he says, especially in Queensland from Rockhampton down to Coffs Harbour in northern NSW.

Where can I buy orchids in Queensland?

Orchid Vendors in Queensland

  • Aranbeem Orchids. A nursery selling a variety of mainly hybrid orchids.
  • Burbank Orchid Nursery. Retail orchid nursery offering an assortment of plants.
  • Burleigh Park Orchids.
  • Cape Oasis.
  • East Coast Orchid Laboratories.
  • Fame Orchids Nursery.
  • Ivan’s Orchids.
  • Kingfisher Orchid Nursery.

How much do real orchids cost?

While specific costs will vary, a full-sized, high-quality Phalaenopsis orchid delivery should cost you between $50 and $60. For a mini orchid, you can expect anywhere between $25 and $40.

Where is the best place to put an indoor orchid?

Indirect sunlight is best. So one of the best places to keep your orchid is near a north- or east-facing window. If your living room has west-facing windows, it’s best to place it farther away from the window on a table or shelf.

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How do orchids grow for beginners?

Orchids like temps in between 65 and 80 degrees F in the daytime and 60 and 70 degrees F during the night. They like temperature stability so keep ’em away from open windows and air vents. Orchids like their air moist, so remember to keep the humidity level in the room somewhere in between 55 and 75 percent.

How do you look after orchids in Brisbane?

Here’s how to care for orchids:

  1. Give them a good position. The best place to keep an orchid in your house is in a position with bright, filtered natural light.
  2. The right temperature.
  3. Air flow.
  4. Trim spent flowers.
  5. The right amount of water.
  6. Feed and fertilise.
  7. Repot occasionally.

What is the best orchid to buy?

Phalaenopsis will grow easily under average household conditions. One of the most widely available orchids of the mass market types is also the best for the home – the phalaenopsis or moth orchid which will grow easily under the same conditions enjoyed by African Violets.

When can I buy orchids?

Purchase moth orchids during their flowering period, typically December through April. This lets you inspect their stems, leaves, buds and blossoms to ensure that the plants are healthy. If you want to prolong blooming after purchase, consider buying your moth orchid early in the blooming season, in late winter.

When should I buy cymbidium orchids?

Matsui Cymbidium Orchids Available from November through March, Matsui Cymbidiums are a winter favorite. Our Cymbidiums are the best quality in the industry. They feature long-lasting winter flowers, clean gorgeous foliage and the most spikes available.

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How long do orchids live for?

Fertilize orchids regularly to provide the nutrients. Use balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer every two to four weeks. With good care and regular maintenance, an orchid plant may live for a lifetime — 100 years, or more.

Why are orchids illegal?

Wild orchids are collected for their beauty and are also used in traditional foods and medicines. This demand has left the plants prone to illegal trafficking. Despite having some of the best legal protections afforded to plants, wild orchids remain under immense threat globally for the illegal trade.

Why are orchids so expensive?

They are expensive because they are difficult to find. Most endangered species of Orchids are threatened by the destruction of their native habitat in the wild. Some endangered species of Orchids are not available to be purchased because the government protects and preserves them to prevent extinction.

Do orchids like bathrooms?

Since a bathroom environment is naturally warm and humid thanks to steamy showers, and most bathroom windows don’t let in much direct sunlight, your bathroom is actually the perfect place for your orchids to thrive.

Do orchids like coffee grounds?

In order to keep your hard to grow orchids thriving, they will need to be fed properly. Orchids require very low amounts of fertilizer when they are actively growing leaves and roots. Coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer, especially for orchids and African violets.

How do I keep my orchid blooming?

Caring for Your Blooming Orchid Plant

  1. Make sure you keep these orchids away from harsh sunlight exposure and sources of heat.
  2. Water your Phalaenopsis orchid in the morning.
  3. Be careful not to wet the flowers of your Phalaenopsis orchids if you’re watering it in the sink.

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