FAQ: Where Was Cloudland In Brisbane?

When was Cloudland Brisbane demolished?

Tomorrow marks 35 years since Cloudland was demolished without a permit in the early hours of November 7, 1982.

Who demolished Cloudland?

But Cloudland was eventually bought by developer Peter Kurts and after several years of pouring money into its restoration, Kurts gave up and simply had Cloudland demolished in 20 minutes to build units, in the ugly, well-documented early-morning demolition by the Deen Brothers on 7 November 1982.

Who owns Cloudland in Brisbane?

As Brisbane continues to punch out new bars and restaurants, the Katarzyna Hospitality Group, who own Brisbane’s Cloudland, Empire and Family nightclubs are proposing to revamp the old riverside bu

What is the meaning of Cloudland?

1: the region of the clouds. 2: the realm of visionary speculation or poetic imagination.

Who owns Katarzyna?

Under the banner of the Bickle family business, the Katarzyna Group, Lou, Raph and Bevan own and operate some of the biggest playgrounds in town including Cloudland, Press Club, The Family and Empire.

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