Often asked: Where Is Birkdale In Brisbane?

Is Birkdale Qld a good suburb?

Birkdale is a sunny, coastal suburb located in the City of Redland, Queensland. The town is located about 25km south of Brisbane. Now, Birkdale has transformed into a vibrant, residential suburb that has gained popularity and a good reputation among families.

What council is Birkdale in?

Birkdale | Redland City Council.

Is Birkdale a safe place to live?

Birkdale is also a great place to live when not every member of the family is as much of a fan of sports as others may be. An upmarket area of Southport, Birkdale boasts some fantastic family homes from the spacious semi-detached houses to the stunning detached properties that overlook the local courses.

Is capalaba a good suburb?

” Capalaba is pretty good ” Capalaba is still reasonably affordable and you can still buy a lovely family home for 550k. It’s a very convenient location with 2 great shopping centres that have everything you need. Every big chain store you can think of is in Capalaba.

Which council is Thornlands?

Thornlands | Redland City Council.

How many suburbs are in Redland City?

Pages in category “Suburbs of Redland City” The following 23 pages are in this category, out of 23 total.

What is the postcode for Birkdale?

Where to buy Birkdale is the posh southerly end, and has its own train station, too. North Churchtown by Hesketh Park is nice, and around the leafy grids of Scarisbrick New Road. Cheap in the town centre, Marshside/Crossens and High Park/Blowick.

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What is Formby like to live in?

Formby is largely a residential area, with leafy suburbs and National Trust areas being the norm. The quiet nature of Formby Village is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Liverpool city centre making it more suited to older people looking to retire, than young professionals who are not ready to settle yet.

Is Formby safe?

Formby is among the top 5 safest small towns in Merseyside, and is among the top 20 safest overall out of Merseyside’s 39 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Formby in 2020 was 37 crimes per 1,000 people.

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