Often asked: Where Is Redbank Plains In Brisbane?

What side of Brisbane is Redbank Plains?

Redbank Plains is 11.9 kilometres (7.4 mi) by road from the Ipswich CBD and approximately 34.2 kilometres (21.3 mi) from the Brisbane CBD. Redbank Plains is 7.17 kilometres (4.46 mi) North West from Springfield Central.

Is Redbank Plains a good area?

Redbank Plains was a nice suburb very green,lots of trees, and quiet. Weekends have turned Redbank Plains into a haven for unregistered motorcycles, with unlicensed kids,riding on the road doing wheel stands, daytime and night time with heaps of noise, cutting through our few parks that are left.

Is Redbank Plains a flood area?

4 Answers. We live near Redbank Plains Road. Before I purchased my home in Kennedy Drive I contacted the council to make sure that it was safe from floods and they assured me that it is flood free as most of Redbank Plains is flood free.

What are the outer suburbs of Brisbane?

Brisbane Outer Western Suburbs

  • Karana Downs, Kholo and Mt Crosby.
  • East Ipswich.
  • Barellan Point, Chuwar and Karalee.
  • Coalfalls, Ipswich CBD and Sadliers Crossing.
  • Blackstone, Dinmore and Ebbw Vale.
  • Deebing Heights, Flinders View, Raceview, Ripley and Swanbank.
  • Churchill, West Ipswich, Leichhardt, One Mile and Wulkuraka.
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What side of Brisbane is Ipswich?

The City of Ipswich is located in south-east Queensland, about 40 kilometres south-west of the Brisbane CBD.

Is goodna a bad area?

Goodna was a suburb we never really considered living in. It certainly has a higher crime rate than virtually all of those those suburbs, but not as much as people might think.

How old is Redbank Plains school?

History. Redbank Plains State High began operations in January 1987 with a staff of 20 teachers under the leadership of Principal Bernadette O’Rourke.

Is Springfield Lakes a good suburb?

Springfield Lakes is a great suburb/area especially for young families. There are plenty of child care centres (about 7+ of the long day care type) in the area. There is a fantastic park which is beautifully maintained (Robelle Domain – it cost $30 million to develop).

Is Collingwood Park a good suburb?

We’ve lived here for over two years and have enjoyed living here in Collingwood Park! It’s a quiet and peaceful suburb with the natural settings surrounding us. It’s a family orientated area, great neighbours and easy access to local schools and childcare. Easy walk to local woolworths and specialty stores.

What is the postcode for Redbank Plains?

Not the ‘Redbank Plains’ you were after? Try: Redbank Plains (the regional area) in Queensland; or Redbank Plains (the locality) near Bellbowrie in Queensland.

Does Springfield Lakes flood?

1 Answer. Springfield Lakes has not been subject to major flooding that has threatened housing. Like all areas the storm water run off in the creeks certainly affects the levels but not to the extent of causing damage to homes etc.

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