Often asked: Which Electorate Am I In Brisbane?

What electorate is South Brisbane?

South Brisbane, also known as Brisbane South, is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland. The electorate encompasses suburbs in Brisbane’s inner-south, stretching from East Brisbane to West End, and south to Annerley. Parts of Greenslopes and Coorparoo are also located in the electorate.

How many electorates are there in Qld?

State electorate maps Queensland is currently divided into 93 state electorates. At a state election, electors in each electoral district vote for one candidate to represent them in parliament.

What is South Brisbane postcode?


How many electorates are there in Australia?

There are currently 151 single-member electorates for the Australian House of Representatives.

Where is the electorate of Herbert?

Division of Herbert in Queensland, as of the 2019 federal election. The Division of Herbert is an Australian electoral division in the state of Queensland. Eligible voters within the Division elect a single representative, known as the member for Herbert, to the Australian House of Representatives.

Who is the federal member for Brisbane?

Trevor Mark Evans (born 28 August 1981) is an Australian politician who has been a member of the House of Representatives since the 2016 federal election, representing the Division of Brisbane.

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How many districts are in Queensland?

Queensland is divided into 93 state electoral districts—electoral district boundaries change every 8 years on average.

Is WA Labour or liberal?

The incumbent Labor Government, led by Premier Mark McGowan, won a second consecutive four-year term in office in an historic landslide victory. Their primary challengers were the opposition Liberal Party, led by Opposition Leader Zak Kirkup, and the National Party, led by Mia Davies.

Is WA gov Labour or liberal?

The eight-and-a-half-year two-term incumbent Liberal–WA National government, led by Premier Colin Barnett, was defeated in a landslide by the Labor opposition, led by Opposition Leader Mark McGowan. Labor won 41 of the 59 seats in the Legislative Assembly—a 12-seat majority.

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