Question: Where Is Lowood In Brisbane?

What LGA is Lowood in?

Lowood is in the local government area of ‘Esk’. The ‘Esk’ local government area is classified as a ‘Shire’.

Is Lowood a good place to live?

Very quiet, safe, great schools. Country lifestyle close to city for shopping and work. So enjoyable to live in a town with no trafic lights or roundabouts.

What does Lowood mean?

“Lowood” meaning ” low wood” because that’s where the place is built (in a low valley beside a wood), but also because it’s a “low” time in her life. Next comes young love at Thornfield, where she finds mystery and temptation: a “field of thorns” with an almost allegorical or Biblical flavor.

What happens at Lowood in Jane Eyre?

At Lowood, Jane discovers the harsh realities of class and gender hierarchies in Victorian England while also cultivating a moral sense, independent will, and self-image that transcend the constraints of class and gender.

Is fernvale a good place to live?

Fernvale is a lovely place to live, been here since 2005 and could not be happier. The neighbours are friendly and this is the perfect place to bring up children with a primary school at Fernvale and a Secondary school at Lowood. The new sporting complex is also good for the spin class.

What is the postcode for Lowood?


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Does Fernvale Qld flood?

FERNVALE residents thought they had survived the worst when Tuesday morning’s eerily fast- rising floodwater subsided just hours later. Many shattered Fernvale residents whose homes were inundated by water returned for the first time yesterday to survey the damage.

Does Esk flood?

Esk’s main street, Ipswich Street, is inundated. RELENTLESS flooding has isolated residents in the Brisbane Valley and closed roads and bridges across the region. In what Somerset Region Mayor Graeme Lehmann described as a definite first, Redbank Creek at Esk burst its banks and flooded the centre of town.

Is Lowood in a flood zone?

Council has extensive flood studies for Lowood, Fernvale, Toogoolawah, Esk and Kilcoy and these can be made available upon request.

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