Quick Answer: How Many Students At Brisbane State High School?

How many students does Brisbane State High School have?

Brisbane State High School (BSHS) is Queensland’s, and Australia’s, largest state secondary school with over 3,000 students across Years 7–12. Brisbane State High School is a high demand school with an outstanding academic, sporting and cultural heritage located in the inner city area of South Brisbane.

Is Brisbane State High School a selective school?

It offers academic selective entry, so, for your child to gain entry into this exclusive high school, they need to complete an intensely competitive selective test, and meet the very high cut-off level.

How many high school students are there in Queensland?

New South Wales 810,705 Government student enrolments; 431,257 Non-Government enrolments. Queensland 573,923 Government student enrolments; 283,997 Non-Government enrolments.

What is the best primary school in Brisbane?

The Best Primary Schools in Brisbane

  1. Clayfield College, Clayfield, Private.
  2. Somerville House, South Brisbane, Private.
  3. The Lakes College, North Lakes, Private.
  4. Rainworth State School, Rainworth, Public.
  5. MacGregor State School, MacGregor, Public.
  6. Ashgrove State School, Ashgrove, Public.

Does Brisbane State High offer scholarships?

Merit Entry Equity Bursary – Selective Entry (Academic) Brisbane State High School is a public school that is committed to providing opportunity for students. For further informaton, please download the Merit Entry Equity Bursary 2021 application form (PDF, 871KB).

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Does Brisbane have selective schools?

In Queensland, there are four selective entry high schools: Brisbane State High School, which is partially selective and formed in 1921, and the three Queensland Academies, which are fully selective and were formed in 2007/8. In 2019 QASMT additionally opened entry to grade 7 students.

What is the most expensive school in Qld?

The most expensive school in Queensland is Brisbane Grammar School where you pay just shy of $30,000 in school fees per year.

What is the best suburb in Brisbane?

If you have room to move with your budget, here are some of Brisbane’s best suburbs to invest in over $1 million.

  • Ascot. Ascot has been, for quite some time, a highly sort after suburb.
  • New Farm/Teneriffe.
  • Highgate Hill.
  • Cannon Hill.
  • Wilston.
  • Tarragindi.
  • Taringa.
  • Keperra.

Do girls go to school in Australia?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Schools Australia 2018 report, a review of data over a 50-year period showed not only are more girls staying in school in general, but they are also surpassing their male counterparts in secondary education longevity.

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