Readers ask: How Far From Brisbane To Lightning Ridge?

How far is Lightning Ridge from Qld border?

Lightning Ridge is located 729 km north west of Sydney via Mudgee and Dubbo; 773 km via Newcastle and Muswellbrook; and 78 km north of Walgett. It is 64 km south of the Queensland border.

Can Qld travel to Lightning Ridge?

Bus Queensland runs services from Toowoomba to Lightning Ridge (via Goondiwindi and St George) on Mondays and Thursdays. Return services from Lightning Ridge to Toowoomba (via St George and Goondiwindi) operate on Tuesdays and Fridays.

What shops are in Lightning Ridge?

Lightning Ridge Shops & Services

  • Duncan’s Fashions. Phone: 02 6829 1066.
  • Khan’s IGA. Phone: 02 6829 0418.
  • Lightning Ridge Mining and Steel Supplies. Phone: 02 6829 0540.
  • Lightning Ridge Post Office. Phone: 02 6829 0320.
  • Mr Cheap Bargain Warehouse. Phone: 02 6829 1232.
  • Tom’s Lapidary.
  • White’s Pharmacy.
  • Caltex Service Station.

Why is Lightning Ridge so rich in fossils?

The sandstone at Lightning Ridge once formed the floor of an ancient shallow inland sea where plants, aquatic life and occasionally the bones and teeth of animals were preserved. In Australia Cretaceous mammal fossils are almost unknown, which is why the Lightning Ridge fossils are so important.

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Can I travel to Lightning Ridge from Brisbane?

Yes, the driving distance between Brisbane to Lightning Ridge is 736 km. It takes approximately 8h to drive from Brisbane to Lightning Ridge.

How long should you stay at Lightning Ridge?

Be warned: one night in Lightning Ridge isn’t enough to uncover all of the town’s gems – stay at least two. Start your sightseeing by booking into an organised tour.

What happens at Lightning Ridge?

The Lightning Ridge Opal Festival is a four-day celebration of the luminous opal industry held in July each year. Browse over 150 stalls selling gemstones, jewellery and collectibles, or join in the fun of the Red on Black Opal Queen Ball, plus other activities and events.

Is there service at Lightning Ridge?

Service centres continue to operate at reduced hours with limited staff. In restricted areas: service centres are supporting customers with essential services only. driver testing remains suspended.

Can you fly to Lightning Ridge?

Flights to Lightning Ridge, NSW. A must-see experience for tourists, and unique way of life for locals – there’s no place like Lightning Ridge! There are poor weather approaches, runway lighting and aviation (jet) fuel at Lightning Ridge airport, so we can fly 24/7, rain or shine.

What fossils have been found at Lightning Ridge?

Bivalve and gastropod molluscs (mussels and snails) are the most commonly-found opalised fossils at Lightning Ridge. The freshwater species found at Lightning Ridge differ from the molluscs found at White Cliffs and in South Australia, which lived in a marine environment.

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What’s the most expensive opal?

In terms of polished stone, the Virgin Rainbow, a rare crystal opal that’s also owned by the South Australian Museum, is the world’s most expensive opal on a per gram basis, valued at $750,000.

Are Opals made from dinosaur bones?

Silica minerals, the foundations of opal, would then build up in the cavities of fossilized bones or sometimes even seep into organic bones and form a replica of them. “Without a doubt,” Lightning Ridge still holds dinosaur fossils in its precious opals, Bell said.

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