Readers ask: How To Get To Magnetic Island From Brisbane?

Where do you fly into for Magnetic Island?

Townsville is the airport for Magnetic Island, and connections are made to the island by ferry. All major domestic airlines serve Townsville airport, including Qantas, Jetstar, and Virgin Blue.

How do you get to Magnetic Island QLD?

Getting to the Magnetic Island Magnetic Island is just off the coast of Townsville in North Queensland, Australia. You can either fly directly into Townsville Airport or drive here (south from Cairns, or north from Mackay). If you opt to fly, you can expect a quick 2-hour flight from Brisbane.

Can I take my car to Magnetic Island?

Do I have to take my car? No, walk on passengers and bicycles are welcome, however transfers to and from the ferry are to be made by the passenger and is not the responsibility of Magnetic Island Ferries.

Is Magnetic Island worth visiting?

The island is beautiful, peaceful, with some gorgeous bays; but the beaches aren’t really suitable for sunbathing unless you take all your own towels and things. Fort walk is definitely worth it, as is going and feeding the wallabies at Geoffrey bay in the evening.

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Can you swim on Magnetic Island?

Magnetic Island has the perfect temperature water for swimming throughout the year. Stinger nets are available at Picnic Bay and Horseshoe Bay. If you are swimming outside the nets during the season it is adviseable to wear a stinger suit which you can either buy or hire from outlets on the island.

Are there crocodiles at Magnetic Island?

Crocodiles have been spotted crossing a stretch of ocean between the north Queensland tourist hotspots of Townsville and Magnetic Island. There have been seven reported sightings on the island, 8km off the coast, this year, according to the Department of Environment and Science.

Can you do a day trip to Magnetic Island?

Yes it is worth the day trip and yes you can hire a car once on the island. The passenger ferry offer a great value package with ferry tickets and car hire with several options of companies to choose from (I choose not to take my car based on value and I don’t like getting the salt water on it).

Do you need to book Magnetic Island ferry?

Is it necessary to pre-book ferry tickets to Magnetic Island? No, it is not necessary to pre-book ferry tickets. We recommend arriving 20 minutes prior to departure to allow sufficient time to purchase tickets or redeem your online ticket purchase from our friendly staff at our front counter (on-board after hours).

How much is it to hire a Moke on Magnetic Island?

Affectionately known as Barbie Cars, these tiny, topless cars are fun, quirky and a novelty that you should absolutely buy into. The cars can be rented from Tropical Topless at $80 per day.

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What is there to do on Magnetic Island?

30 Best Things To Do On Magnetic Island 2021

  • Aquascene Magnetic Island Discovery Tour.
  • Dive At One Of The Top 5 Dive Sites In The World.
  • Dive At The Museum Of Underwater Art.
  • Visit The Rock Wallabies At Geoffrey’s Bay.
  • Cane Toad Racing At The Arcadia Hotel.
  • Koala Park At Bungalow Bay Koala Village.
  • The Forts Walk.

How much does it cost to go to Magnetic Island from Townsville?

The cheapest way to get from Townsville to Magnetic Island is to ferry which costs $17 and takes 25 min. What is the fastest way to get from Townsville to Magnetic Island? The quickest way to get from Townsville to Magnetic Island is to ferry which costs $17 and takes 25 min.

Can you snorkel at Magnetic Island?

Magnetic Island is one of the only places in Queensland people from all walks of life can access the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. With warm shallow waters all year round Magnetic Island is perfect for snorkeling. There are two self guided snorkel trails set up on Magnetic Island plus many more locations to explore.

Can you walk around Magnetic Island?

One of the best ways to explore Magnetic Island is by foot. An extensive 26 kilometre network of walking trails allows you to appreciate the island’s natural environment, some of which is protected within the bounds of Magnetic Island National Park.

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