Readers ask: Where Is Geebung Brisbane?

Is Geebung in regional?

Try the other Geebung (the regional area) in Queensland.

What Council is Geebung in?

geebung | Brisbane City Council.

What is a geebung?

: any of numerous chiefly Australian shrubs and small trees that constitute a genus (Persoonia) of the family Proteaceae, have hard narrow leaves and long-lasting yellow or white flowers, and produce small edible but insipid 1-celled or 2-celled drupes.

Is geebung a good suburb?

There is such a great sense of community, fantastic schools and green spaces. It is perfect for family life. It’s got good transport options and only a couple of minutes from Westfield Chermside. Many of the old post-war homes are being renovated or replaced so you definitely get the sense that the suburb is on the up.

Can you eat geebung?

Geebung fruits are edible after they fall to the ground a ripen. Usually the skin and seed are discarded before eating. Illawarra plums have tart ‘fruits’ (actually the swollen stems of the seeds) which can be eaten fresh when they fall from the tree or used to make jam, chutney, sauces or as a pie filling.

Are Geebungs edible?

The fruits are edible, ripe after they have fallen from the tree. Tastes a little like over ripe rock melon. The fleshy fiberous covered seed is first squeezed from the skin, then sucked and chewed.

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What is the postcode for geebung?


What council is Beenleigh?

Beenleigh – Logan City Council.

How do I contact the Brisbane City Council?

Please call Brisbane City Council’s 24 hour Contact Centre immediately on 07 3403 8888.

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