Readers ask: Where Is Hillcrest In Brisbane?

Is Hillcrest a good suburb?

” Awesome convenient suburb ” The suburb is great and is reinventing itself with all the new houses, new Bunnings, and renovated Gilles plains shopping at your door steps. Close to the city, close to the Hills, and lots of parks and easy access to public transport and Oban. Just love it.

Is Hillcrest safe?

Chapter: Hillcrest (1 Safe )

Is Daisy Hill a good suburb?

Daisy Hill is a great place for a family. The areas on the actual hill behind JPC up to the state forest are full of trees, wildlife and birds. It is a peaceful area where you can be out of the craziness of the inner city areas but have all the conveniences and connections you need. Safe and friendly.

Is brown plains a good suburb?

“Great Infrastructure, Great prices, Great Location” Located 24 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD Browns Plains is a great suburb with lots of affordable homes and a growing infrastructure and facilities. With Grand Plaza Shopping Centre, and a transport hub this is a very well located suburb.

What’s the postcode for Browns Plains?


Where is the Hillcrest safe?

The safe is located inside a building behind the tattoo parlor in Hillcrest. You can access it by moving the dumpster and manually opening the door. You can open it with the code 30-82-65!

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Where is Dale’s safe?

One of them is the Dale’s Combo Artifact, which includes the combination 30-82-65 for a safe located in the nearby auto shop. Across the street, look for the tattoo shop. From Velvet Tattoo’s backdoor, you can see the garage housing the safe.

What is the code to the first safe in The Last of Us 2?

The first safe in The Last of Us Part 2 can be found during the Patrol encounter while playing as Ellie. After reaching the supermarket area, you’ll eventually head into a section that is filled with spores. While exploring the upper floor, you can locate a safe in one of the offices. This safe’s code is 07-20-13.

Is Daisy Hill safe?

The rate of crime in Daisy Hill is 15.82 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Daisy Hill generally consider the north part of the city to be the safest.

Is Logan a good place to live?

20 kilometres south-west of Brisbane is the city of Logan. Ideally located in the grown corridor between the River City and the Gold Coast. Logan has many developing suburbs offering great value house and land packages, a good public transport system and easy access to the best of South-East Queensland.

Is Springwood QLD a good suburb?

“Springwood – Good palce for first homebuyes and young families.” Springwood is a southern suburb of Brisbane and is in the Logan area in the south east. Springwood is a residential and commercial suburb with many businesses located here as well as housing.

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