What Does Ekka Stand For Brisbane?

Why is Brisbane show called the Ekka?

The origin of Ekka The first ‘Royal’ Show was held in 1921, when the Association was granted the prefix under warrant from His Majesty King George V. Since then, the shortened name ‘Ekka’ has replaced ‘Exhibition’ in the Queensland vernacular, indicating locals’ affection for the show.

What is the purpose of the Ekka?

The Ekka is Queensland largest annual event with recent shows drawing more than 400,000 visitors. It aims to showcase Queensland culture, produce, resources and initiatives. This is done through a range of competitions, award ceremonies, exhibits, educational displays, animal and performances.

How much does the Ekka make?

In 2018, the RNA’s overall turnover, excluding net redevelopment revenue, increased to $34.2 million from $33.2 million in 2017. The total surplus for the year amounted to $3,279,219 (2017 surplus: $3,719,837). More than 415,000 people attended the Ekka – the largest crowds since 2011.

How much are Ekka tickets?

2021 Ekka ticket prices: Adults – $35. Children (5-14 ages) – $20. Little Ekka pass (4 years and under) – Free. Concession – $25.

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Is the Gold Coast show on in 2020?

The 2020 Gold Coast Show will be held at Broadwater Parklands from 28th – 30th August 2020 and is FREE to attend.

Where are the Ekka pop up stalls?

Ekka Tastes is popping up as a drive-thru at Brisbane Showgrounds (enter via Gate 4A on O’Connell Terrace, Bowen Hills) and as a pop-up on King Street (at 5/45 King Street, Bowen Hills) from 10am–7pm between Saturday, August 14–Sunday, August 22.

Is the Ekka public holiday Cancelled?

The annual public holiday usually scheduled for People’s Day at the Ekka has been locked in for Friday, October 29. The Ekka was cancelled for the second year in a row due to a COVID-19 outbreak earlier this month, and its associated public holiday was also cancelled.

What rides are at the Ekka?

Brisbane Ekka: the top five extreme rides at this year’s Royal Queensland Show

  • XXXL. The XXXL hangs precariously above sideshow alley. (
  • Extreme. Legs and arms akimbo on the Extreme. (
  • Airmaxx 360. The Airmaxx 360 gyrates like a spider on a hot plate. (
  • Speed 2.
  • Freak Out.

Who attends the Ekka?

The Royal Queensland Show (Ekka) is Queensland’s largest and most loved annual event, attracting on average 400,000 people.

What Ekka means?

The Ekka is the annual agricultural show of Queensland, Australia. Its formal title is the Royal Queensland Show, and it is held at the Brisbane Showgrounds. It was originally called the Brisbane Exhibition, but it is more commonly known as the “Ekka”, short for ” exhibition”.

Is there still a public holiday for Ekka 2021?

Coronavirus Queensland update: Postponed Ekka public holiday to be held Friday, October 29 2021.

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Does Gold Coast get Ekka holiday?

Most regions of Queensland have access to some form of Show Holiday. The Ekka Holiday (Royal Queensland Show) is a good example where Brisbane City have a different day off to the Gold Coast and even the Moreton Region.

Will there be rides at the Ekka?

Brisbane Showgrounds will host all your favourite displays, rides, farm animals, strawberry sundaes, and the popular EkkaNITES program of live entertainment and fireworks. Brisbane City Council is proud to be a major partner of Ekka 2021.

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